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The Story Begins…

September 25, 2011


Firstly, I apologize for the two week delay between my arrival here in Korea and my arrival here on this blog. Don’t worry though, I’ve got stories already. I figured it’s good to start by quickly establishing exactly what my goals are over the next year:

Why I’m here in Korea

I graduated with a degree in English! It’s kind of a commonly spoken language in Canada and not the type of degree that the real world has the most immediate use for, or rather “for which the real world has the most immediate use” <– This is why unemployment was in my future.

I want to see if I can teach and if I actually might like teaching. I used to see the red drain from people’s cheeks when I told them I was a literature student, only for it to return as they discovered one tiny little ray of employment related hope in the future they charted out for me, “well, you could always teach!”. After one year of complete floundering, I found myself saying the same thing. A one year teaching job in Korea is the perfect way to test myself.

It will be a good experience, whether I do intend to teach in the future or not. That second part is the major key here. I’m pretty awful at planning out career related life stuff. This particular job is one that could possibly set me up for a life in the classroom, but it doesn’t have to. Even if I never want to teach ever again after a year, it still looks good on a résumé, and my résumé blows.

Adventure! I’m not an adventurous or worldly person. I spend New Year’s Eve each year at multi-day LAN party where I try to defy laws of physical endurance to play Unreal Tournament for hours upon hours. That’s actually my idea of a party worthy of kicking off a year of my life. I figured a year in Korea would drop kick me hard out of my comfort zone and perhaps force some sort of maturity or character building. If it doesn’t, at least I’m in the Starcraft capital of the world….

Why I’m blogging about it

To document my experience. Already there’s plenty of good and plenty of bad stories. I want to share both

To write a travel blog that doesn’t suck. This is going to be hard. Challenge accepted?

To entertain myself. I make me laugh. This is a good way to make me laugh.

Because you miss me and you asked me to.  🙂


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