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Fun with signs – Part 1

October 4, 2011

Get your postholers, because here comes a post. About signs. One could call it a… sign post.

So on my first good wander around Ilsan I noticed it had a huge amount of coffee places. They aren’t dominated by Starbucks or Tim Hortons either, they have all kinds of weird names.


So that one didn’t really make me want coffee. Religion and the afterlife are not things I equate with caffeine for some reason. You know what did make me want to get a serious energy boost though? This next one.

More fun than a barrel of... well, you know.

In case you can’t read that, it says fucking “Seven Monkeys Coffee”. Now THERE’S a name that just makes you get excited. I can’t think of anything more awesome than that. I’d need a ridiculous amount of coffee to properly entertain and take care of seven monkeys. I’d name them after the deadly sins I think. Hey look, coffee and religion again!

Moving on….

Okay Mart?

So this is a little corner store that was by my temporary apartment. I walked by it a few times before I really examined the sign more. There’s an arrow that’s VERY clearly pointing to the middle finger. Even if this isn’t supposed to be intentionally hilarious, I have no idea why that arrow would be there.

But I know what you want. You want to see some wacky Korean advertising. This is from a stand in a big shopping area called La Festa.

Lots of ladies eat there.


I’ve learned a little Korean, so allow me to show off a bit here and translate for you. It’s an ad for meat.

Ilsan is also filled with crane games, usually the ones that have little stuffed animals in them. I found one that’s a little different though…

You need *this* much skill to eat.

Note the ever present “craft” suffix. What nerd could resist. So I blew 3 bucks playing it and all I got was lousy beans. I swear, the spam must be glued to the bottom or something just to taunt me.

We’re going to end with my favorite sign since I got here. It’s personalized just for me!

Well, it’s sort of personalized. If my last name was Marlon.

I think this message more or less speaks for itself. As a side note, I didn’t slam my door ever, but I did accidentally drop my luggage off my bed in the middle of the night, which is probably what this complaint was for. I love the little diagram at the bottom, just in case I couldn’t parse the English. All their doors are belong to them, clearly.

In the future I’m sure I’ll be back with more signage (I hate that that’s an actual word).


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  1. Laura Finlayson permalink

    Hi Mr. Marlon, Even though you were unjustly accused of banging your door, it was worth it to get that hilarious cartoon. I wonder if they made that up just for you or if they get a lot of similar noise complaints.

  2. Lisa permalink

    I’m so glad you told me that was an ad for meat. I was definitely getting the wrong impression…

  3. Rachel permalink

    Note 1: That meat advertisement almost made me die with laughter. I never saw it quite that way until this post. Also, what it has written on it is “Chicken Kabob (or whatever you would call a strip of chicken stuck on a stick)” and lists flavours below it: Barbecue Flavour, Slightly Flavoured…oh dear…

    Note 2: I also didn’t see that sign as *quite* so funny until this post. It’s pretty hilarious, but nonetheless, it makes a little more sense when you understand that bit of gibberish in another language. It’s called the “Three Times Mart” meaning three times cheaper than other places and it’s pointing to the three fingers held up. it still doesn’t make perfect sense and it’s still hilarious, but just for your info. 🙂

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