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December 15, 2011

The following is a poem about Minecraft. I wrote it last month when version 1.0 came out. Yes, I’m only comfortable posting this here because it’s mostly nerdy jokes and frivolity. Still, I hope you like it.


My destiny has always been mine to craft.

I began here alone
in this quiet cubic wilderness,
where I built tools
and tools built dreams.

Unlike the content cows
and the primitive pixelated pigmen,
I must make more of myself
and carve castles from these caves

I dug a tiny little hole,
a Notch inside the earth,
in six long days of digging
I had enough material for my masterpiece.

I built cobblestone ramparts
and glass minarets
that stretch up to the square sun,
overlooking the lava moat.

I conquered the land
surrounding my kingdom.
The animals have all been tamed,
and the creepers, systematically exterminated.

While wandering past the jukeboxes,
the subterranean swimming pool,
and the bejewelled glowstone statues,

I’m reminded that I literally have it all.

As I look out (from my obsidian lookout) over all that is mine,
over all my achievements,
a realization strikes my heart
through my plated diamond armor.

I’ve built everything
a reason to live here.

There’s not a block for that…

… yet.

But maybe,
if I dig deep enough,
I can discover it.


From → Writing

  1. James permalink

    I’ve seen this already haha
    Jeremy and I played minecraft yesterday, the new version or whatever. I’ve become better at being useful.

    • No he hasn’t…. Just kidding James. He actually has become useful, if useful means mining sand and making copious amounts of glass.

  2. zan permalink

    great word play

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