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Climbing onto the Korean Ladder

December 19, 2011

So WordPress lies about dates of posts, but you’re getting a double header today! Don’t worry, this is the stupid one. Be sure to scroll to read the good one.

Because the following is only for the geeks in the audience.

It took me quite a while, but I’ve now done enough government paperwork to legally purchase a Korean copy of Starcraft II. This seems like a bit of a nerd holy grail that I should exploit. I mean, there are many other gamers that travel for the sole purpose of being able to play Starcraft on the Korean ladder, so I may as well take advantage of it while I’m here.

And hey, it’s kind of part of Korean culture at this point.

So as of tonight, my dear readers, I’m jumping onto the Korean ladder. Will it be filled with cheesers? Is the bronze league scrub here the equivalent of a North American Grandmaster? Are the Korean practice regiments strictly limited to the robotic practice of mechanics with no emphasis on creativity or on strategic nuance? We shall see!

Yeah, I expect to get smacked down.

I’m a relatively middle of the pack Starcraft player. I’m better than your average casual player, but waaaay below anyone who takes it remotely seriously. There’s quite a leap between those two that I’ve never really decided to make. I usually stuck to 2v2 laddering, since I knew the minute I stepped into 1v1s it would be an all consuming quest to climb as high as I possibly could or die trying. But hey, I’ve shrugged off both the cheap ubiquitous booze AND the cheap ubiquitous cigarettes, so the cheap ubiquitous Starcraft can’t hurt me too badly… can it?

This is the part of the blog where a few people nod while reading, knowing that their fears are finally coming true. “He did just go there for the Starcraft, didn’t he. I fucking knew it”. No! It is with the most humble intentions that I throw down the gauntlet and challenge all of Korea to absolutely maul me.

I’ll update you with my progress and reflections soon! If i’m doing really well I’ll link you to my ID on a stats page… but that’s not bloody likely.

For the swarm!


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