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The Whitest of Christmases

December 24, 2011

Today, I stand atop a pile of time (one of the most combustible substances on Earth), and strike a match.

I’m flying home for Christmas. I’m going to be knackered and zonked and all those other words that you only pull out for when you’re really fucking tired.

Will it be worth the ridiculous travel time? I’m fairly confident that it will be, but there’s only one way to find out for sure.

As for the last two posts on here, you will get them as soon as I can post them. If you’re in North America, they will probably roll in sometime on Christmas day. If you’re in Korea, it’ll be Boxing Day (though I’ve been shocked to discover that Boxing Day is not a thing for most people in the world).

One of the posts will contain the pictures I’ve been meaning to post for ages.

So, why am I going all the way home just for 6 days of Christmas? Is Christmas taken really seriously in my household or something? Do I have a massive family full of visiting aunts and uncles and cousins that can’t wait to pinch me on the cheek and ask me if kimchi contains dog?

No, not particularly.

I’m pretty sure it’ll just be my small immediate family at the house this year. However my family has never been truly apart on Christmas, and I’d hate to be the one to break the trend. Ideally, I’d like my sister to be the first one to be in some far away place, so that I can forever hold it over her that she was the first one to “ruin Christmas”. 😛

Maybe that’s the other thing. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, and as you probably know if you know me, I still love many childlike types of fun. I hate growing out of things and saying goodbye to things. This also might veer into the territory of some sort of mild compulsive disorder of some sort, but if I enjoy something, I want it to be endlessly repeatable, if possible.

It’s not quite just nostalgia. Nostalgia is when you get out old VHS tapes of Christmas specials from when you were a kid (complete with commercials, of course) and you think back to the way you first experienced watching them. This is like if you got those tapes out and just watched them, just in an honest attempt to experience it again. You want as little “oh I remember when” type stuff as possible, because that’s acknowledging that it’s over.

Now I’ve never done that Christmas special thing. That would be creepy. I’m just trying to explain this.

But that’s part of why my room is full of books, and why I’m such a movie and game nerd. Books and movies have a tendency to change over time when you revisit them, but games are the most purely constructed experience vaults I can think of, especially old ones. Because they’re light on story and high on raw physical and mental experience (not to mention repetition), they provide an experience that can indeed be repeated endlessly, with or without nostalgia.

I got off on a tangent there as I explored that idea in my head a bit. So that is why I’m going home for Christmas.

Because I CAN go home again.


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