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Home in the ‘Fax Machine.

December 27, 2011

The title of this post contains the most obnoxious possible nickname I invented for Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m determined to make it catch on.

I was surprised at how easy the trip here was. I was half hoping that everything involving my trip would go wrong, just to make for an incredibly contrived and riveting blog post about airline delays. I had three flights in a single day, but it all went beautifully. There weren’t even many babies on the planes.

I even managed to sleep for half of the endlessly long flight to Toronto from Beijing. I arrived home full of energy and pep, excited for Christmas. I slept a bit, then got up early, had a nice big breakfast, and then opened presents with my family.

And then a wave of tiredness hit me HARD at around 3pm and everything went wrong. I’ve started a horrible jet lag pattern and I’m doing my very best to fix it. It’s awful.

Christmas though? Christmas was great. I got lots of nifty presents! I have plenty of books and games and nerdy shit now! My big ticket item of the year was a Kindle Fire, which will serve me quite well in my travels. English books are somewhat expensive and hard to come by, they take up lots of luggage space, and they’re rather flammable. I need the format of my books to be just as nerdy as the content contained within them!

Seriously though, it’s pretty awesome. I also got some real dead tree type books and some real dead tree type board games and stuff. Oh and some geeky shirts. Oooh, and noise cancelling headphones, which will be good for walking around Korea and pretending that everyone speaks English.

On the 28th of December, I’ll be having my traditional New Years celebration. I need to be back in Korea for the actual evening of the 31st. For those who don’t know, I traditionally ring in the new year in the most geeky and over the top way possible. Usually it’s a LAN party that stretches over 24 hours, often closer to 48 hours. During this time three of my closest friends play an unbelievable amount of video games, subsist entirely on pizza and junk food, and usually watch the Street Fighter movie.

It’s kind of the best possible way to end or start a year.

This year we’re forecasting League of Legends and Starcraft II in the morning, some experimental Team Fortress 2 action in the afternoon, with a slight chance of Left 4 Dead 2 and moderate showers of M.U.L.E. All of this will lead into a 100% chance of Minecraft and/or Civilization V, which will carry into the following morning.

If you happen to live in the ‘Fax Machine and you want to see me, contact me! I’m not here long, and I might be busy (or I might dislike you), but take a chance and get in touch anyway 😛



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