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Merry Christmas. Have pictures. Fun with signs – part 2!

December 27, 2011

I hope all your Christmas traditions were well observed this holiday season. You know what my favorite tradition is? When the people you know sit you down and force you to look at pictures. This will function as Fun With Signs, part 2 as well.

Let’s start with a picture that I had to grab while in an elevator. I was a bit nervous about the rules of proper elevator usage, but this series of cartoons definitely calmed me down.

Calm as hindu cows

I'm not sure why they're going UP the stairs in a fire...

I show you most of these signs and pictures out of context, since that’s more or less how I experience them. This next one does have actual context, but it’s so much more amusing without it. So, here’s some context free existential graffiti, just for you.

Ceci n'est pas une Korea.

This next poster is from a Korean subway. This one was actually on the inside of a bathroom stall. I’m finding gold with the wacky signs everywhere, folks! Anyway, I know this one is fairly confusing and difficult to read, but I know a bit of Korean, so let me translate. See, the subway cars in Seoul are racially segregated. Koreans (shown in blue) are put in one car while foreigners (white, obviously), are kept separate. This is probably to keep us from stealing their women.

Either that, or the white people are the hip ones with iPods and other Apple products.

This one was taken in a rather expensive chocolate store in Itaewon. You can find out more about them by reading their marketing blurb below.

I'm glad the gateway to happiness is so well worded. Their etc. is particularly delicious.

Another bathroom sign! This one is from another dessert place (DON’T JUDGE ME!).

After encouraging it into the toilet bowl, I motivated my hands clean and then impelled them dry.

I WISH I could give you context for the last one. I really do… I’ve asked everyone I know what this sign could possibly mean. Nobody knows.

I'm guessing they sell blow up dolls.

Anyway, that was Fun with Signs Part 2. I’m going to have more fun with signs in the future, I’m sure. Merry Christmas!


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  1. James permalink

    These all made me smile

  2. Kat permalink

    So, I googled “fuckfake” and found out that they are a clothing and bag store. The “fuckfake” is like saying “fuck that!”.

    And the pictures made me laugh….glad to hear your christmas went well!

    • Kat! You read this nonsense blog? 😛

      Hehe thanks for solving the mystery. I’m kind of glad I know, but a little upset to discover that there is an explanation for it. Next, you’ll tell me Santa isn’t real or something.

      Are you still coming to visit sometime in the next few months ?

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