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K-town back in K-town

January 5, 2012

I’m back and over my jet lag! Surprisingly, I managed to travel through six different airports in my time off and I had only one very mild delay (20 minutes, if that). The visit home was, as I keep saying, worth it. Now I have eight more months here before I see the “real world” as I know it again. Life is going back on pause.

Oh, and although my geek celebration on the 28th was great, I missed New Years entirely. I was in between timezones on the 31st, so the day just disappeared in the alchemy of time changes.

How’s stuff here? It’s busy. It’s a new term, so we’ve got new students, new classes, and new subjects. I’ve picked up several writing and reading courses, making my job a whole lot more interesting. The new students are mostly adorable. You can smell their fear.

More importantly though, I’m teaching literature now. No wait, more importantly, I’m teaching Le Petit Fucking Prince (translated and de-cussed as The Little Prince, for those of you who prefer freedom fries). It’s kind of really awesome. Am I going to be completely indulgent and rambling in classes? Yesss… I won’t be able to help it. But am I going to make them love and treasure this story so that they look back on it fondly when they’re old, with a single tear in their very Korean eyes? Yes… they won’t be able to help it.

I’m still teaching debate too, which I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at by now. It’s still an odd experience. Remember that one class that you used to hate in school because the teacher used to make you talk and participate? The one you used to dread going to since you knew you’d be sweating in your seat the whole time just praying that you can sneak through without being called on and possibly humiliated in front of the group? That’s MY class, boys and girls!

One other thing is worth quickly mentioning: I had a better Christmas than EVERYONE.

I’ve been asking many of the students around the school how their Christmas break went, and every single one of them, without exception, said “ohhh it was badd…” Many of them studied. Many of them still had school. The vast majority didn’t get presents or turkey or candy. The best ones said that they just sat at home and watched TV. I asked my coworkers too, it sounds like they don’t have the same level of badass traditional family Christmas that I do. That made me sad. Some of my students (the older ones, who don’t shy away from making fun of me) asked me something along the lines of “aren’t you too old for Christmas?”

No? Too old for Halloween, maybe… Too old for Christmas? Is that a thing? That can happen? A thing that can happen?

Maybe I should make a blog category for “Kevin is an immature manchild” so that I can sort these better. Or maybe these kids just need to grow some fun and learn how to Christmas.


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  1. Allegra permalink

    I read the line, “I’m teaching Le Petit Fucking Prince” and smiled involuntarily. I hope you spend half as much time waxing poetic to those kids as you did to me back in the day…

  2. James permalink

    Don’t listen to those kids about christmas. They’re just jealous that they don’t partake in the excessiveness that is the holidays in North America! And the jazz music, cmon! Christmas Jazz and Snow… three things they will never understand. (“They” as in “Koreans” as in “Those people” as in “What do you mean ‘those people’?!” as in “I just mean ”’those people”’ quit trying to make me out as racist!”)

  3. Laura Finlayson permalink

    Hi Mr. K.
    In our family we all still believe in Santa Claus, and he will always visit on Christmas Eve.
    Loved having you home with us!

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