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So Kev, how’s Korea?

April 25, 2012


Korea’s good.

No really, it’s good. I owe you more updates than that though.

There are a couple stories, but for the most part I’ve been enjoying myself here and doing nothing particularly bloggable. It seems that the emails and the skypes back home have fallen off significantly (in both directions), since everyone is very busy this time of year and we’re all aware that I’m not too far from the end of my contract at this point. I think my plan is to come home in September, do various non university courses, traveling, and other stuff until the end of the year, and then start school in January. This sounds like the most ideal scenario to me.

Work is good. On average I have much better classes and students, which I’m quite happy about. There are constant organizational difficulties with the upper management, but it’s nothing I can’t live through. My coworkers are still a lot of fun, though nowhere near nerdy enough for my tastes.

If you’re missing me as a force in your life, then you probably need some things to be forcibly recommended to you. Here are a few of my latest obsessive loves, divided into categories, for your approval.

Games: There’s a turn based war game called “The Unity of Command”. It’s wonderful. It has all the pick up and play charm that you need, but incredible depth underneath. It’s very well designed, and the AI is a motherfucker. If you’re any type of strategy game nerd, especially one that has a love for those old war-games, absolutely check this one out.

TV: Black Mirror. It’s a British miniseries (3 episodes) created by Charlie Brooker. Each episode is a completely self contained story, almost like a modern day Twilight Zone. Listen to me, check this show out. You can watch the whole thing in no time at all, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be pissed once you finish it and realize there’s no more.

Books: China Mieville’s Railsea comes out the same day as Diablo III… I’m going to be a busy little geek. For stuff that’s out now, I’m reading The Quantum Thief. It’s a high tech heist/spy story that is absolutely overflowing with brilliant ideas. Supposedly it’s the first in a series. Book two comes out in September.

More importantly though, The Avengers comes out TODAY in South Korea. I’m going to go see it tonight, so I’m in the interesting position of being able to provide you with an early review, since you unfortunate plebs don’t get to see it until May 4th. It’s a great excuse to return to this blog, if nothing else, so I’ll be on here tomorrow giving you my thoughts on the movie.

See you then! 🙂


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  1. SisterPoop permalink

    Oooh tell tell!
    I’m curious about how Scarlett Johanson did in an action roll. Probably going to make this be my first movie in theatres in a very long time and not going to lie, she’s a decent part of that reason.
    (Unnecessary awkward girl-crush question from your sister.)

    Miss you ! xo

    Mom and Dad reading this: Don’t worry, not becoming a lesbian.

  2. SisterPoop permalink

    Only JUST realizing Joss Whedon is the director because I’m slow with this information with no brother to keep me up to date.

    Joss Whedon > Scarlett

  3. Allegra permalink

    I realized last weekend that if the Avengers had come out three years ago, I would be pulling together a haphazard Black Widow costume with the Annex’d gang. You’d be… Ironic Thor?

  4. Allegra permalink

    Being the token girl and the token long-haired blond took the choice out of a lot of costumes.

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